European capital city tourism

(CC) TJ Morris/Flickr

This new study by Roland Berger shows that city tourism has been a key driver of economic growth in Europe in recent years, particularly in capital cities that have a tourism concept in place.

Between 2005 and 2010, the greatest increase in the number of overnight stays was seen in two such cities: Berlin (7.3 percent) and Stockholm (5.7 percent). The highest number of overnight stays in 2010 was in London (48.7 million), Paris (35.8 million), Berlin (20.8 million) and Rome (20.4 million).

But not all capitals are exploiting the potential of their hotel rooms to the full. Paris, London and Rome do the best in terms of earnings per room, with the highest prices among the capitals investigated.

These are the results of a new study of 24 European capitals by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants titled “European Capital City Tourism.”

The report is available to download from the Roland Berger website.