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From Transition to Transformation

The UN has just launched the report “From Transition to Transformation: Sustainable and Inclusive Development in Europe and Central Asia” at the first Global Human Development Forum. According to the study, Eastern Europe and Central Asia need to remove fossil fuel subsidies, invest in “green” jobs, and establish social protection floors to ensure a sustainable …
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OECD, IEA Urge Cuts to Fuel Subsidies

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) have urged governments world-wide to cut billions of dollars in fossil-fuel subsidies, arguing the rollbacks would bolster sagging government budgets while cutting wasteful energy use and carbon emissions. According to the report, “Launch of the OECD Inventory of Estimated Budgetary Support …
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Re-Powering Transport 2011

The World Economic Forum has just published the report “Re-Powering Transport 2011”. The study shows that global transportation and fossil fuels are inextricably linked. More than 60 percent of the 87 million barrels of oil consumed daily goes to powering the world’s transportation systems. Even more significantly, liquid fossil fuels account for more than 96 …
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