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Delivering Public Services: A greater role for the private sector?

Eurofound has just published the report “Delivering Public Services: A greater role for the private sector?” This study examines how the role of the private sector has grown in the provision of public services in four EU Member States: Lithuania, Spain, Sweden and the UK. It explores the processes by which the private sector became …
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China’s Digital Health-Care Revolution

Technology is transforming health care in China, where the digital health-care market is projected to grow from $3 billion in 2014 to about $110 billion in 2020. As a result, players across the value chain—including pharmaceutical and medtech companies, distributors and retailers, and payers—will need to adapt. The report is available to download from the …
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Digital transformation in the healthcare space

In MedTech there are new Industry 4.0 applications evolving. Digital data and increased connectivity are prerequisites for their success along the value chain. The digital transformation impacts the healthcare space far beyond the classical physical product. The information dimension will increasingly become part of the future offering either as part of the physical product or …
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Emerging consumer survey 2015

This report published by Credit Suisse offers a close look at the latest consumer trends in the world’s main emerging markets. The study includes special sections on the most important economic sectors, such as tourism, healthcare and the automotive industry, as well as on the most important countries in the emerging market space (Brazil, China, …
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2015 Global Health Care Sector Outlook

Across the globe, governments, health care delivery systems, insurers, and consumers are engaged in a persistent tug-of-war between competing priorities: meeting the increasing demand for health care services and reducing the rising cost of those services. This report by Deloitte examines the current issues impacting the global health care sector, provides a snapshot of activity …
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Remote Patient Management

Telemedicine, alternatively known as Remote Patient Management, is a system that uses technology to monitor the state of patients’ health from the comfort of their own homes as well as communicate the results in real time with their doctor. Seventy percent of patients and 80 percent of health-care professionals would be willing to use Telemedicine, according …
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El Mercado del Equipamiento Médico Hospitalario en La India 2013

This ICEX study provides an overview of the hospital equipment market in India and includes a quantitative and qualitative analysis of its supply and sales conditions. The study also explores the growth opportunities and latest trends in the sector as well as the market’s structure, the factors associated with purchase decisions and the broad perception …
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2013 Global life sciences outlook

In an effort to deliver better patient outcomes while at the same time countering slow market growth and declining profitability, the global healthcare industry has adopted a new business model that shifts its focus from developing blockbuster drugs and building pipelines to business portfolio evolution, according to a report by Deloitte. The industry is also …
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Emerging mHealth: Paths for growth

In this PwC-commissioned report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), patients, doctors and payers share their views on mHealth. Find out what they told, and learn more about the potential of mobile health in developed and emerging markets, the challenges, and the impact on stakeholders. The report is available to download from the PwC website.  

MIHealth Forum 2012. Health Management & Clinical Innovation

The first edition of MIHealth Forum, the new forum on innovation and management in the health care sector, was taking place last week in Barcelona. The MIHealth Forum laid the foundations for tackling the challenges of transforming our health care systems and making them more sustainable in the future. The more than 70 speakers at …
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