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La transformación de los recursos humanos frente a la globalización

The Human Resources departments of Spanish multinational companies face a number of important challenges in meeting the internationalization needs of today’s business environment. The management of transnational labor relations, the changing face of global talent, innovating with mobility policies and the new regulatory complexity resulting from the frenetic pace of global change are just some …
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Barómetro del clima de negocios en España. Resultados 2016

This latest study captures how 700 foreign companies felt about the business climate in Spain during the 2016 financial year. It also explores their outlook for the economy as well as the most important business opportunities and challenges for the next two years. The findings provide policy makers with valuable insights into the Spanish economy’s …
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OECD Economic Survey of Spain 2017

The OECD has just published the “Economic Survey of Spain 2017”. According to the report, the Spanish economy is enjoying a robust recovery from a deep recession, with structural reforms contributing to high growth rates and a gradual decline in unemployment. However, further measures to promote innovative business investment and improve skills are needed to …
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Quinto informe de las mujeres en los Consejos del IBEX-35

The report, carried out by the Spanish consultancy firm Comunicación ATREVIA together with IESE, analyzes the recent evolution of female participation on the boards of directors of the companies listed on Spain’s benchmark index, the IBEX-35. To access the full report, visit the IESE Insight website.

El camino hacia el empleo juvenil. Qué puede hacer la empresa

The vulnerability of young people today is directly related to unemployment. The Risk of Poverty or Social Exclusion Rate (AROPE) among the young unemployed is almost 60%. A new report by Spain’s Business Against Poverty Observatory, in which IESE participates, addresses the challenges and threats posed by youth unemployment, especially among the disadvantaged, and discusses …
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Barometer of the Business Climate in Spain. Results 2016

This study is now in its ninth edition, and has now become a reference publication in Spain. The 2016 edition features an assessment by 700 foreign companies of the importance of the business climate in Spain in 2016, and also provides their forecasts for the next two years. It identifies –in the medium term– both …
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BBVA & IVIE Report: The Benefits of Embracing the Knowledge Economy

The Spanish regions most plugged in to the knowledge economy outperform on GDP per capita by up to 36%. The knowledge economy has helped the most advanced regions weather the financial crisis better than other regions, in terms of income, productivity and employment. This is the conclusion of a study jointly published by the Valencian …
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Índice de dinamismo laboral Meta4 IDL (5ª edición)

Labor dynamism in Spain reached 19.8% in the third quarter of 2016, its highest level since 2010, the first year it began being tracked. This means that between July and September of this year about one in every five six Spanish workers moved from one job to another. This is the finding of the fifth edition …
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OECD Public Governance Reviews: Spain 2016

The OECD has just published the “OECD Public Governance Reviews: Spain 2016”, entitled “Linking Reform to Results for the Country and its Regions.” In 2014, Spain launched a set of administrative reforms called “The CORA reform” as part of broader fiscal reforms. The CORA was a comprehensive and ambitious programme to create conditions for a …
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100 Richest People in Spain

Forbes has just published its first ever ranking of the 100 richest people in Spain. Amancio Ortega, owner of fashion retailer Inditex, is on top of the list with a net worth of €71,000 milion, followed by Juan Roig, the owner of Mercadona, and Sandra Ortega. According to Forbes, the 100 richest people in Spain aggregate …
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