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GEM Spain 2016 Report

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor is the most important global entrepreneurship network whose mission is to make information on global entrepreneurship available to the widest possible audience. Thanks to this report institutions and individuals concerned with entrepreneurship in Spain have access to quality information and indicators that can support business creation. Spain’s GEM Association, with the …
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GEM Spain 2015 Report

Thanks to its methodology, reach and reliable, comparable results, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) project has established itself as the most important global observatory on entrepreneurship. Each year GEM studies the phenomenon of entrepreneurship in each of the more than 60 countries it covers, using the same analytical procedures and methodology for all. It publishes …
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Promoting Digital Entrepreneurship in Europe

The European Commission has just launched, together with ITC stakeholders, a new startup initiative called Watify. The goal of the initiative is to promote digital entrepreneurship in Europe by helping remove some of the obstacles that prevent Europeans from turning great business ideas into reality. The number of people engaged in a new business in …
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