Business Ethics and CRS

But… What Is Ethics?

Ethics are guidelines, sometimes clear, often not so. And “goods”: be good, do all the good you can... All? Heavens! That’s very ambitious. Well, you can see that ethics can be extremely demanding. And practice virtue. This virtue of which I speak; it’s so important because ethics, as I have said, are not a matter of yes or no, but of nuance.

Should we be Benchmarking in Social Responsibility?

Over the years I have come to understand what an economist said more than a century ago: there are no absolute truths in the social sciences (except this, he added). Therefore, I will not say yes or no to benchmarking Social Responsibility. However, answering this question well requires us to talk at length about what…

Transparency and Relevant Business Information

The interest in releasing relevant business information (Corporate Disclosure) has grown extraordinarily in the last decade. As with other issues, such interest was preceded by notorious scandals with severe consequences for the companies involved. There is also, however, a significant ethical dimension. We all remember cases like Volkswagen, caught lying about the very real emissions…
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