Now in its 9th year, DGDW, the largest student-run conference on Responsible Business in Europe, will feature over 100 professionals speaking on over 20 panels in 4 key tracks, all focusing on this year’s theme, “Achieving Sustainability in Business and Society”. The tracks include:


20+ Panels being developed on topics including:

1st Panel Discussions – Friday, 24 February – 10:45-12:00h

Extending Access to Education Across Global Markets

Opportunities and Challenges through Energy Sustainability

Global Sports as a Powerful Tool in Driving Social Change

Rethinking Social Business Models: Motivations, Challenges & Growth

2nd Panel Discussions – Friday, 24 February – 12:15-13:30h

Microfinance For Profit: Stealing From the Poor or Helping the Poor Help Themselves?

The Impact of Private Equities and Impact Investing Funds in Furthering Sustainable Economic Development and Social Welfare in Emerging Markets

Healthcare Trends in Emerging Economies and the Role of the Key Players

Energy Panel: Collaboration in Sustainable Urban Development

3rd Panel Discussions – Saturday, 25 February – 10:45-12:00h

Avoiding the Next Financial Crisis - What is the Sustainable Model?

Agricultural Investments in Africa – Opportunities and Risks of a Growing Market

Mobile Technology, Financial Services and More: Enterprise Finance Models and the Future Progress in Mobile Payments

Is CSR Still a Viable Strategy? A Discussion of Corporate Social Responsibility and its Role in Business Strategy

4th Panel Discussions – Saturday, 25 February – 12:15-13:30h

Social Investing - Valuable or Detrimental to Shareholder Value?

Responsible Leadership: More than just CSR?

Reaching Socially-Conscious Fashion Consumers

Development of Sustainable Urban Infrastructures: Past-Present-Future

5th Panel Discussions – Saturday, 25 February – 14:30-15:45h

Contributing to Corporate Social Initiatives on a Part-Time Basis

The Shifting Roles between Development Banks and the Private Sector in Spurring Growth

The Importance of Ethics and Compliance Across the Value Chain

Responsible Tourism: Current Models, Challenges and The Future

Plenary Panels

Large Corporations' Sustainability Practices and their Rippling Impact

Are Sustainability Practices common across Geographies? Comparing Corporations and their “Glocal Practices”