Brexit: 7 Lessons to Draw

Brexit shows the primacy of politics and emotion over economic rational calculation. It is very difficult to understand the decision of British people otherwise. Britain, or what would be left of it after potential secession by Scotland and Northern Ireland, is likely to become a less open economy with a long-term decrease in productivity potentially. […]


CEOs Running for President: Countries Are Not Companies

Donald Trump victories in the primary process make him the frontrunner for the republican nomination. He often brags about his business success, his net worth, and his negotiating and leadership skills. Clearly Trump’s strategy is trying to that his business experience makes him the most qualified to be president. Moreover, he uses his business way of thinking to analyze economic problems.


Finance with a life of its own

Readers might think I have an issue with the world of finance. Not at all: finance is fundamental in the lives of people, companies and nations. Readers might stop to consider what would happen if there were no banks, money, credit, investments, wealth management… Well, we already knew how that was a few millennia ago, […]