Business Angels or Crowdfunding? How About a Crowd of Angels?

We are increasingly consulted whether it would be better for start-ups to assemble financial resources through crowdfunding (e.g. Kickstarter) or through angel investors, and how to sequence each funding mode (i.e. what should come first). However, an alternative route is to combine both modes by attracting financing through a ‘crowd’ of angels, or ‘equity based […]

What’s Killing Your Startup? 18 Mistakes to Avoid. #4 Confusing an Accessible Market with a Potential One

When meeting with entrepreneurs and evaluating the market size for the opportunity they are pursuing, I often see the same mistake: a confusion of the accessible market with the potential market.  How many times have I come across this lie (as well as others….): “our market will give us $50,000 million in 2017 – look […]