How to Overcome a Negative Country-of-Origin Effect

In 1887, the English government passed a law requiring products manufactured outside of England to be labeled with their country of origin to protect British products from foreign copycats of lower quality. Still today, the label “Made in…” likely has one of the most significant impacts on people’s perceptions, value attribution and purchasing behavior across…

Symbiosis, the Concept Behind the Platform of Opportunity Network

It is no secret that the irruption of the internet has transformed our society and businesses, boosting boundless interaction. This context of digital transformation has been the ideal breeding ground for a new type of relationship: a close and long-term interaction between two or more different agents that is mutualistic or commensalistic, where the parts…

What Mistakes Are Killing Your Startup? #8: Obstinacy

Recently I had the chance to moderate a panel of entrepreneurs in the Sports Industry Conference we organize every year in IESE in the framework of the Tennis Barcelona Open. I know the 2 founders (Luca Carlucci founded www.bidaway.com ; Francis Casado founded www.3ddigitalvenue.com) for years now and I really feel they are on the…
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