Expatriation and Retirement

This is a Guest Blog entry. Author: Yvonne Quahe, Reimagine Life.  Yvonne is a HR consultant and coach who helps individuals, couples and organizations with globally mobile populations to increase their engagement with life, manage their careers and attract and retain talent. Has it ever occurred to you that retirement is as inevitable as death and […]


Corporate Volunteering: Better for the World (OR) AND for the Business?

Volunteering. What kind of ideas does this word evoke? I suggest the majority of us would think about local NGOs, student gap years and volunteering activities during retirement. Moreover, when thinking about international volunteering, wouldn’t we associate this quite naturally with lower-skilled activities, such as construction, farming or gardening, childcare and language teaching? In other […]


‘Immigrants Steal Jobs’ or ‘Should We Listen to Mr. Trump?’

As the rally for the U.S. presidency continues, Trump continues his anti-immigrant rhetoric, arguing that illegal immigrants, referring mostly to Mexican immigrants, take away jobs from struggling America’s poor. Naturally, such sentiments built upon fear and a perception of scarce resources may work well with less informed or frustrated and worrying individuals, as we have […]