Apple Enters the Wearables Business

The reports that Apple is close to buying the headphone company Beats was received with widespread skepticism, says Prof. Josep Valor. It doesn’t seem to make sense from either a branding or a technological point of view. However, Apple has already shown an interest in headphones that measure physical activity and, as the wearable industry […]


The Big 4 and HTML5

HTML5 promises a broader-based economy and while Google, which depends on advertising, wants it as open as possible, it is a different story for Apple which makes its money from apps. Facebook went to HTML too early and is now playing it safe while Amazon has cleverly built a closed eco-system on top of the […]


What Matters Most Is the Consumer

Apple‘s map application failure on the new iPhone, combined with the company dropping the Google map app, has led Apple lovers for the first time to consider moving to another platform, says Prof. Sandra Sieber. People react negatively if they feel they are being locked in. In online services, meeting customer need is paramount, even […]


Mobile World Congress :: Redefining Mobile in Barcelona?

In 2006, Barcelona held for the first time the Mobile Congress. At that edition the CEOs from VODAFONE, TELEFÓNICA, MOTOROLA, NOKIA and MICROSOFT were the keynote speakers. Those companies reflected to some extent the mobile industry value chain in 2006, accounting for an aggregated market value capitalization of more than $600B. Only six years later, […]


Additional Power for the Gatekeeper

Since ancestral times, wherever there is a narrow passage that many people have to cross, someone will try to establish itself as the gatekeeper and exercise control on the passersby. In fact controlling passageways, from maritime straits to oil pipes, has been one of the reasons humanity has endured many wars. The digital space is […]

Where’s Wally at the Mobile World Congress?

After attending to four intense days at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February, we could summarize what happened at the congress in two different ways. On one hand, we could glimpse the headlines in the front pages of the four issues of the official Show Daily: However, a picture is worth a […]


Attending CES 2011 in the comfort of your own Tablet

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is already a trademark slogan used in the official Las Vegas tourism web site. However, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is the exception that proves the rule. Anyone serious about being a techie should pilgrim at least once to CES, which is held at the beginning of January […]

Apple and Google: Returning to calmer waters

There is an Indian proverb (or maybe it is Confucian, who knows) that says that there is no worst enemy that the one who was your best friend. And this is because he or she knows you well. In 2007,when unveiling the iPhone, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google came on stage and announced that Google […]