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Challenges of Global Mobility: The Latest Industry Report

We have recently come to a point where many declaim the end of globalization as we have known it. Yet, amid this anti-globalization rhetoric, global businesses are clearly taking a different stance, arguing that more, not less, globally proficient talent is needed. A recent AXA World of Work Report, which surveyed 250 firms in eight…

Tempted by Escape

I believe all of us are familiar with the temptation to escape… Be it a from difficult conversation, an anxiety-provoking situation, or a tiring social environment, it is so tempting to just leave, to escape from it. Sometimes, though, leaving the room is just not enough and one is tempted to escape on a bigger…

Biculturalism Revisited: The Confused Bicultural

It shouldn’t be of a much surprise to meet a bicultural today – the world is increasingly interconnected, people are more mobile, there is a lot of migration, many live abroad and form multi-cultural families, hence many are exposed to and hold at least two identities. It is also a commonly accepted notion that biculturalism…
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