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When We Need More Cooperation, We Should Look for More Hope

Any working relationship, be it romantic, friendship- or business-related, implies mutual trust, doesn’t it? Indeed, any successful cooperation requires trust as well. Usually, the more we know people, the more we trust them, which is probably why cooperating with familiar people is easier than with strangers. Consider the prisoner’s dilemma, one of the most famous…

Latest Research: ‘Navigating between Home, Host, and Global Identities’

Business activities today regularly reach across cultural boundaries, and collaborative work with people of different cultural backgrounds becomes an everyday normality. Alongside the increasing exposure to culturally pluralistic settings, the question of cultural identities and the process of acculturation also receives more and more attention. In fact, we increasingly see cases of people holding multiple…

Electric Vehicles, Climate Change and Trump

Now that Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris climate deal, what hope is there for addressing the more than critical issue of climate change? As discussed in one of my previous blog posts on the topic, I believe we shouldn’t despair, especially to the extent that moving towards clean energy makes sense for…