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Global Mobility and the Top Global Issues

At the end of last year, The World Economic Forum published their Global Agenda 2015 report, which summarized the top 10 issues that were thought to dominate the world over the upcoming 12 to 18 months. The identified trends range across the social, economic and political sphere and, naturally, many of these trends have implications…

Trailing Spouse: An Outdated Label with Important Implications?

A couple of years ago I wrote a post highlighting the important topic of trailing spouses and their need for more organizational support. According to the numbers of some industry surveys at that time, the adjustment problems and dissatisfaction of spouses/partners, as well as dual-career issues topped the list of expatriation challenges. Today, looking at…

Introverts in an Extraverted Global World

How do you feel about big social gatherings? Do you consider yourself outgoing and at ease with blending into a group of strangers? Does your creativity spur in solitude or during team brainstorming? Do you prefer action or contemplation? As you have most probably sensed by now, all of these questions relate to the well-known…
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