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Benefits of Telecommuting: Recent Research

When speaking of progressive workplace policies, telecommuting is definitely one to mention. The term ‘telecommuting’ refers to employees using modern technologies to work outside their office, let it be their home or any other location, either regularly or from time to time. As described in one of my earlier blog posts, telecommuting is a trend…

Not Enough Jobs Now, But Will There Be Enough Workers Soon?

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis many countries are still battling with high unemployment rates. According to the recent overview of European economies provided in The Economist, youth unemployment in Greece and Spain is still around 50%, while in Croatia and Portugal it is well above 40%. Although the unemployment trends since 2013…

Multicultural Marketing: When Globalization Requires Even More Cultural Sensitivity

I believe that globalization is a term familiar to pretty much everyone; yet, the way people understand globalization may be quite different. On one hand, many believe that globalization is making the world smaller in a sense that local differences are replaced by global similarities. Indeed, it takes one just to travel around a bit…
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