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Spinning the Globe and Picking a Spot?

The latest Mercer quality of life survey shows an updated global city ranking and suggests the best places for relocation. Yet, for global business, the destinations with new opportunities rarely sound familiar.

Gender Diversity in the Workplace: A Global Matter with No Progress?

Gender inequality is one of the global topics that is continuously spoken about, be it in terms of inequalities in the attainment of health, survival and education in developing countries, or differences in economic opportunities in the developed world. Naturally, gender diversity is a hot topic also for global business, where females are consistently underrepresented…

Gamification in a Global Workforce

Play hard, work hard? Do we know the difference between play and work? Play is more fun and engaging, while work is more like something that ‘you have to do’? When we play football with friends in the park, when we spend evenings playing table games in nice company, when we compete in video games…
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