Brexit: It Is a Matter of Interests!

There are a bunch of roads around where I live in Dublin called Palmerston Road, Temple Road, Cowper Road; each called after Lord Palmerston (1784-1865) and his wife. Temple was Palmerston’s surname while his wife was Countess Cowper. Of course, this side of Rathmines was never noted as a nationalist stronghold; quite the contrary, in […]

Brexit Referendum: Lady Macbeth [Macgove] Strikes Once Again! 

to become the UK’s next prime minister. Or maybe we should give the honour to Nicholas Machiavelli? Or maybe it was George Osborne’s manoeuvres from behind the gates of his mansion in Buckinghamshire that deserve the honour? Isn’t it strange that the wife of one of Boris Johnson’s closest collaborators in the Brexit referendum, the Daily Mail journalist, Sarah Vine, accidentally sent […]