Will it be Goodbye, Mrs. May?

“You can only deliver Brexit if you believe in Brexit,” said Mrs. May in the early days of the general election. This was a lady who openly supported the ‘Remain’ campaign before the Referendum and recently ran a general election in support of the ‘Leave’ campaign. A contradiction, Mrs. May! I should think so. “Set free […]

Our Second Dimension of Leadership

We want our leaders to be reliable in their decision making and have depth in character. However, we know that our educational and professional training programmes are geared primarily towards developing what Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik (author of ‘Lonely Man of Faith’) described as our Adam 1 side. This is one based on individualism, achievements, skills […]

One Dimensional Candidates!

The other night I watched a debate on TV between two contenders for the leadership of the Irish conservative party (Fine Gael), Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney. One gave a typical one-nation paternalistic rant while the other represented the usual market driven economy made famous by the late Mrs. Thatcher. But one got the impression […]