My research interests are on corporate finance, governance and common ownership by large institutional shareholders. As well, I have an interest in Fintech.

My focus has been on understanding how corporate governance mechanisms provide value to firms and impact different business policies such as acquisitions, investment and compensation.

Currently, I am working on how common ownership by institutional shareholders may impact executive incentives and corporate decisions of firms in their portfolio. As well, I am interested on the role of shareholder activism in this age of universal ownership by large asset management firms. My research has been published in Journal of Finance, Review of Finance, Contemporary Accounting Review among other journals.

Prior to joining IESE, I spent 10 years at the Wharton School as Director of Research at Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS).

WRDS has become the main platform for financial data infrastructure and research applications. We service more than 400 academic and commercial institutions around the world. I joined WRDS in 2001 in the early development phase and I currently oversee the group’s business development in Europe and the Middle East. I try to keep up with this fast moving area in Fintech.

Research Topics

  • Corporate Governance & Executive Compensation
  • Shareholder & Hedge Fund Activism
  • Corporate Finance
  • Fintech