The Venture Capital & Private Equity
Country Attractiveness Index
Alexander Groh, Heinrich Liechtenstein, Karsten Lieser and Markus Biesinger
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Capital Creation Conference
September 2012
Insights Into EM Attractiveness
Prof. Alexander Groh, interviewed at the Capital Creation Conference in Cannes, takes a closer look at the attractivenss of emerging and frontier markets for VC/PE fund investors… Watch the video

IESE Insight
June 2012
2012 Trends in VC/PE Country Attractiveness
For the third consecutive year, IESE’s Center for International Finance, in conjunction with Ernst & Young, has published its Global Venture Capital and Private Equity Country Attractiveness Index… Continue reading

Ernst & Young Global Venture
Capital Insights and Trends
Report 2010
What Makes a Country Attractive to Venture Capital Investors?
In the past few years, the venture capital industry has been globalizing at a dramatic pace. Increasingly, funds are being raised internationally and invested globally. Company managers are increasingly looking to venture capital investors to provide the capital, advice and strategic partnerships they need to bring their plans to fruition. Another trend has been the professionalization and maturation of the venture capital industry. Its investment policies, procedures and systems have become re! ned, formalized and structured over decades of experience. Therefore, it is no surprise that many nations are making greater efforts to encourage venture capital activity, with an eye to boosting innovation and entrepreneurship and to counteract the recessionary impact of the global economic crisis on growth… Continue reading

IESE Insight
March 2011
The 2011 Global VCPE Country Attractiveness Index
How do the 80 investable Venture Capital and Private Equity markets around the world measure up for institutional investors? The authors Prof. Heinrich Liechtenstein and Karsten Lieser from IESE Business School and Prof. Alexander Groh from EMLYON Business School have recently published the 2011 Global VCPE Country Attractiveness Index. The updated study provides a bird’s-eye view of Venture Capital and Private Equity markets and highlights some interesting rising stars, such as Brazil and China, and promising regions for potential investments… Continue reading

Association for Alternative
April 2010
The Attractiveness of DACH for Limited Partners
Investors in Venture Capital and Private Equity funds have one key objective: performing transactions with satisfying risk and return ratios. They look globally to achieve their goals, and often set their sight on emerging regions, attracted by high growth expectations. However, building an international Venture Capital and Private Equity program often means venturing into the unknown, where one meets unfamiliar political, legal and economic environments, difficulties to find general partners, and potentially illiquid exit markets alongside different cultures and languages. Although the expected economic growth, and advantages of diversification might appear favorable, the risk of investing in remote regions must be considered… Continue reading

Asian Tigers Investor Report
January 2010
Asian Private Equity: Incentives and Bureaucratic Burdens Conundrum!
Asian capital markets exhibit contrasting features. Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore score high on attractiveness,economic robustness and transparency. In contrast, China, India and the VIPs (Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines), while competitive in economic performance, lag in overall attractiveness for venture capital and private equity investors. These are the results of a new index developed by the IESE Business School, Spain… Continue reading

S.E.C.A. Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association
Yearbook 2009
How European Countries Attract Institutional Investors’ VC/PE Allocations
Why is there such a strong market for venture capital and private equity in the United Kingdom, why is there relatively little activity in Germany, and why is activity close to zero in Greece or some of the new European Union accession countries? Continue reading

IESE Insight
December 2009
Where Best to Invest?
How do Venture Capital and Private Equity investors pick their most attractive options? IESE professors and a team of researchers have recently published a Global Country Attractiveness Index, which may serve as a useful tool. In this dynamic guide, they assess the attractiveness of 66 countries based on the main selection criteria identified by institutional investors… Continue reading

IESE Insight
July 2009
The Long Road of Capital
For young start-ups looking to secure funding, VC funds are not the sole provider of capital to get their venture off the ground, but rather, institutional investors are often the first step, along with a host of other intermediary agents. Alexander Groh, a visiting professor at IESE, takes a closer look at the criteria used by these institutional investors for sorting through the various funds and allocating capital… Continue reading