Best Practice in Green IT

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(CC) kimberlyfaye/Flickr

(CC) kimberlyfaye/Flickr

Best Practice in Green IT: Implementing Green IT in the enterprise and its cost benefits is a new report published by Business Insights that examines the impact that business and IT is having on the environment, and why this is becoming a board-level issue. It also provides a guide to how organisations can cut their energy consumption, and therefore carbon footprint and annual energy costs, throughout the organisation and over the lifecycle of IT equipment, from the desktop and office consumables to the data center and the recycling of electronic equipment. Understand how legislative responsibilities of organisations regarding the environment and e-waste, provides a comprehensive guide to the growing trend of ‘Green IT’ with this new report.

Source: Business Insights

To more information about this report our staff, students & faculty can access to Business Insights. Via: Library Website > E-Resources List > Business Insights > List reports >Best Practice in Green IT