The Best and Worst Countries for New Jobs

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(CC)  nimboo/Flickr

(CC) nimboo/Flickr

Manpower’s latest Global Employment Outlook Survey finds that in some places considerably more businesses expect to be hiring than firing. To conduct the survey, Manpower polled human resources and hiring professionals at 72,000 companies in 35 countries. It measured what percentage of them expect to be hiring in the next quarter, between October and December of this year, and what percentage expect to be firing.

The big winners are India and Brazil. India has the best net employment outlook of all. Seasonally adjusted, it comes to +25 percent. The net employment outlook in Brazil came in at +21 percent.

The five most optimistic countries are all in Asia and Latin America. Meanwhile, the five most pessimistic are all in Europe, with the exception of Japan.

You can view the rankings online in slideshows at Forbes’ website.