ABS Launches Academic Journal Quality Guide Version 3

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 (CC) pobrecito33/Flickr

(CC) pobrecito33/Flickr

The newly-launched ABS Academic Journal Quality Guide is a hybrid publication based partly on peer review, partly on statistical information relating to citation, and partly upon editorial judgments following on from the detailed evaluation of many hundreds of publications over a long period.

It provides guides to the range, subject matter and relative quality of journals in which business and management and economics academics might publish the results of their (empirical or theoretical) research. The journals included cover a wide range of disciplines, fields and sub-fields within the social sciences, representing an inclusive approach to what constitutes business and management research.

ABS (the Association of Business Schools) is the authoritative voice of business and management education in and for the UK.

The guide will be launched on March 23 at the annual research conference at the British Library.

The guide is available online. You can find more information about the guide here.