Google and China: Business and Human Rights

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(CC) Flickr /Shekhar_Sahu

(CC) Flickr /Shekhar_Sahu

Google recently announced its decision to shut down its Chinese-based search engine, Aron Cramer and Dunstan Allison have posed some interesting questions about the company’s decision at The Huffington Post (

Cramer and Allison remark that “with this decision Google has won considerable praise from organizations concerned about its human rights record. This contrasts with the condemnation the company received when first entering the country in 2006.” But the authors highlight that Google’s decision again raises a question of serious interest to business, the public, and governments: When is it right to cut ties and leave a country on human rights grounds?

Aron Cramer is president and CEO of BSR, a global business network and consultancy focused on sustainability and the coauthor of the forthcoming book Sustainable Excellence (Rodale 2010).Dunstan Allison Hope is BSR’s managing director, ICT Practice, and the coauthor of the forthcoming book Big Business, Big Responsibilities (Palgrave Macmillan 2010).

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