Google Instant: “Results as You Type”

(CC) FindYourSearch/Flickr

Google Instant is an exciting new search enhancement that shows results as you type and is currently available to Google users in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia that have the following web browsers: Chrome v5/6, Firefox v3, Safari v5 for Mac and Internet Explorer v8. The most striking change is that you can now access the information you are looking for more quickly as you no longer need to enter the full title of your search or press the “enter” button.

Another important new feature is that by bringing up the results in real time, it helps you fine tune your search as you go along. In fact, even if you are not absolutely sure what exactly it is you are looking for, Google’s predictions will help guide you in your search. 

If interested, you can try out the new service by clicking here.