Human Opportunity in Latin America and the Caribbean

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(CC) World Bank Photo Collection/Flickr

(CC) World Bank Photo Collection/Flickr

The World Bank has just published the “2010 Report on Human Opportunity in Latin America and the Caribbean: What Opportunity Do our Children Have?”. The report measures how personal circumstances impact a child’s probability of accessing the services that are necessary to succeed in life. The data is representative of some 200 million children living in 18 countries over the last 15 years, and compares human opportunity in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) with that of developed countries.

According to the study, these countries are still far from the levels reached in countries like Spain, France and the United States. However, the opportunities for LAC children have increased by one percentage point every year since 1995, although there is significant disparity among different countries.

The countries with the highest human opportunity levels are Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Argentina. Having said that, Chile and Uruguay still rank below countries with the lowest scores for Europe and North America.

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