Managing Global Supply and Risk: Best Practices, Concepts, and Strategies by Robert J. Trent, Llewellyn R. Roberts. ISBN: 9781604270143

Synopsis from the Publisher

Managing Global Supply and Risk blends three distinct but interrelated topics: International purchasing, global supply management, and global risk management. It covers every aspect of supply management and explains in detail what it takes to pursue it successfully at the global level.

Key Features

The book presents the characteristics of a world-class global supply organization, the factors critical for global success, and detailed cases demonstrating how leading companies are gaining a competitive advantage from their global efforts. It also provides a comprehensive overview and explanation of global supply risk, how to prevent and manage it, and how to leverage supply market intelligence. Finally, it covers the many issues that arise with international logistics, sourcing in emerging and low-cost countries, and the essential elements of developing total cost of ownership models.

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