Spain Just Misses Out on World Podium for Mobile Internet Quality


Spain places 4th worldwide in terms of the quality of its mobile broadband quality, according to the Broadband Quality Score III study published by Cisco. Of the 72 countries featured in the ranking, only Sweden, Denmark and the U.S. had better connections speeds and wireless broadband penetration.

The world domination of Sweden and Denmark now seems beyond dispute, due in large part to the widespread availability in these countries of Long Term Evolution (LTE) connections – the first step towards what is widely considered the Fourth Generation mobile phone, with speeds of up to 100 MB per second. The technology will be introduced in Spain next year, by leading operators Movistar, Vodafone and Orange. Until then, the main Spanish operators will busy themselves improving the performance of the HSPA+ dual carrier, with potential download speeds of up to 42 MB per second.

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