Strengthening Migration Governance

(CC) Dr John2005/Flickr

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the International Labour Office (ILO) have published a new study on “Strengthening Migration Governance”. The report examines what has been done to establish and strengthen governance of migration across Europe, what remains to be done and ways of strengthening migration governance through international cooperation.

 The report concludes with a number of observations and recommendations for new policies. These include:

•        The need for immediate measures to prevent the impact of the recent economic and social crisis on migrant workers.

•        The need for continued regulation of migration through partnership and cooperation between destination, transit and origin countries.

•        The acceptance that while migration may help to remedy future shortages of labor and skills in OSCE countries, they cannot replace the ageing European population.

•        The observation that remittances are the main benefit of migration to origin countries.

•        An acknowledgement of the risk that migration may also entail a brain drain that leads to a lack of human resources in key areas and hampers economic progress and social institutions in less developed countries.

The full report is available online.