The Green Business Decade in Review

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Joel Makower has published an interesting article on the Triple bottom line Journal about the evolution of green business over the last decade. The author explores how far we have come and what remains to be done in the greening of mainstream business.

The idea of green companies appears to have extended beyond the true-blue, values-driven companies and the next tier of large leadership companies, to a third tier of companies that hadn’t previously been concerned about global warming or other environmental issues. Today, it’s hard to find a sizable company that isn’t talking the talk and, to some degree, walking the walk. Trying to be seen as green is now more the rule than the exception.

Joel is co-founder and executive editor of Greener World Media, Inc., which produces and its sister sites. He serves as co-founder and principal of Clean Edge Inc., a research and publishing firm focused on building markets for clean energy technologies. Joel is also the principle author of the annual State of Green Business report and co-author of more than a dozen books, including his latest, Strategies for the Green Economy. He also helps organize the Greener by Design conference.

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