14th Annual Global CEO Survey

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In this year’s – the 14th – edition of PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey, nearly three quarters of the chief executives surveyed expressed concerns that uncertain or volatile economic growth could threaten business growth prospects. The survey was based on interviews with 1,201 CEOs from September to November 2010 in 69 countries.

Slightly more than 60 per cent of the CEOs were worried about how governments respond to fiscal deficits and debt burdens, while exchange rate volatility and inflation were of less concern, the survey said.

The world economy’s direction also tops the worries of most CEOs in the Asia Pacific region, of whom as many as 89 per cent express concern over world economic uncertainty and volatility. They also voice concerns about exchange rate volatility (78 per cent) and overregulation of the banking system and insurance.

Top concerns over workforce talent over the next three years include a limited supply of candidates with the right skills, losing top people to competitors, and the difficulty of deploying top talent globally.

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