From Farm to Fork

(CC) brokenarts/Stock.xchng

Eurostat has just published the latest statistics available on the food chain, “From Farm to Fork”, for the European Union.

Among the report’s main findings are that:

-Spain and Italy have the largest number of food retailers, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom.

-More than 20 percent of household expenditure is spent on food in Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Estonia.

-There are structural differences across Member States, particularly in light of the high numbers of agricultural holdings in Eastern Europe.

-The largest food and beverage retail workforce and food services workforce is in the United Kingdom.

-The EU-27 food chain has almost 14 million agricultural holdings.

-Bakeries account for over half of the food and beverage manufacturing enterprises in the EU.

-The EU is self-sufficient in meat, dairy products, cereals and beverages.

-The majority of the food, beverage and tobacco goods that are transported within the EU travel less than 150 kilometers.

-In recent decades, there has been a sea change in consumption patterns as more and more European consumers have turned to eating out.

-Restaurant and café prices rose faster than inflation during the last decade.

Access the full report online.