Perspectives on Global Development 2012

(CC) Ametxa/Flickr

The OECD Development Centre has just launched the latest edition of its report, “Perspectives on Global Development 2012: Social Cohesion in a Shifting World.” In 2011, the world bore witness to mass citizen mobilization, from Cairo’s Tahrir Square to Madrid’s Puerta del Sol and from Wall Street to London’s financial district.

How can governments best respond to new social expectations? What policy reforms can contribute to strengthening social cohesion? These are some of the questions that were raised on the occasion of the launch of the report.

The study analyzes the impact of “shifting wealth” on social cohesion, largely focusing on high-growth converging countries. The main question this report asks is how does the structural transformation in converging economies affect their “social fabric,” their sense of belonging or, put generally, their ability to peacefully manage collective action problems.

The report is available for the IESE Community here.