Strategic Issues of Renewable Power

(CC) Walmart Stores / Flickr

Datamonitor 360 has just published a report titled “Strategic Issues of Renewable Power.” The renewables sector is highly differentiated and investors need to bear in mind that it includes established, mature technologies such as hydro, as well as cutting edge technologies, such as wind and solar.

The lead in the sector is now being taken by China, with the EU also being a major player. And while the US continues to be a significant player, there are signs that the country’s current hands-off model may mean it risks being left behind.

Governments, particularly in Europe, are becoming more sophisticated in their use of financial instruments to encourage renewables: where incentives are seen as too generous, they are now rapidly being dismantled, with targeting of help going to areas more likely to produce worthwhile benefits.

The full-text of the report is available on the web to members of the IESE community.