The Future of Connected TV

(CC) _rockinfree/ Flickr

Datamonitor 360 has just published the report “The Future of Connected TV”. The report examines the market around the new medium of connected TV. It looks at the role not only of established TV broadcasters and Internet companies but also of TV makers, set top box makers and niche players in the new industry. It also examines the birth pangs of Connected TV and includes detailed analyses of each of the main players’ strategies for gaining market share.

What’s more, the report takes a close look at the role of newcomers – agile new players with aggressive business strategies designed to take market share from established Internet companies, broadcasters and Internet service providers.

The report is primarily aimed at industry players throughout the value chain wishing to extend their in-depth market knowledge to gain competitive advantage. These include Connected TV service providers, set-top box makers, middleware vendors, TV manufacturers, TV broadcasters, content producers, advertisers, retailers, and social media companies.

The report provides an overview of the current state of the connected TV market and also predicts the likely direction the market will take over the next five years.

The full-text of the report is available on the web to members of the IESE community.