The Future of Government


The World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Government has just launched the report “The Future of Government: Lessons Learned from around the World”.

The study, which has been elaborated by 15 of the most innovative experts and leading practitioners from some of the most advanced governments and international organizations, says that governments around the world are faced with new demands, new expectations and a fast-growing array of new technologies and tools. A current example is the Middle East, where a youth revolution built on the global technology revolution is demanding immediate reform.

The report provides a summary of the discussions on how the strategies, structures and practices of governments must change in the coming years, and how new networks and technologies can be leveraged to transform government capacity. It includes a series of policy briefs, which distils some of the most current and vital information for government modernization available, and concludes with case studies from around the world.

The report is available on the web.