The Mobile Entertainment Industry Outlook

(CC) Twisitor Center / Flickr

Datamonitor 360 has just published the report “The Mobile Entertainment Industry Outlook” which provides an overview of the global mobile entertainment sector. In this report, except where specifically mentioned, the term mobile refers to mobile handsets including smartphones. It covers:




  • The global mobile entertainment industry in terms of market size, its segments, key drivers and resistors, trends and major players.
  • Segments of the mobile entertainment industry: Music, video, gambling, and games. For each of these segments the report individually discusses the market size, sub-segments, geographic segmentation and major players.
  • Future outlook of the mobile entertainment industry in terms of emerging consumer meta-themes, which portable entertainment devices will disrupt and which will get disrupted.

The report should be of particular interest to device manufacturers, network operators, content publishers and technology enablers. It is also intended for all players associated with the mobile entertainment industry such as software, app and game developers, advertisers and investors.

The full-text of the report is available on the web to members of the IESE community.