Transportation Management Report 2011

(CC) Elsie esq./Flickr

Capgemini Consulting has released the 2011 edition of its Transportation Management Report. The two-part study provides the latest insights into the business drivers for transportation management processes and software.

The first part of the report focuses upon the challenges faced when managing transportation in the current economic climate and possible solutions. Capgemini authors from six different countries (including the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, UK and Germany) illustrate with real-life case studies how transportation management can contribute to operational excellence and cost savings as well as minimize environmental impact.

The second part provides insights into new technology options that support changing requirements, with an overview of available transportation management systems (TMS). It reveals that the transportation market is increasingly looking for concepts that are based on leveraging internet technologies, where companies use a pay-for-services-delivered approach as an alternative to on-premises solutions. It is expected that both Software-as-a-Service applications and collaboration via a shared network will grow in the coming years as a result.

The report is available to download from the Capgemini website (pre-registration is required).