Women and Labour Markets in Asia


The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have published the report, “Women and Labour Markets in Asia: Rebalancing for Gender Equality”. The report finds that despite helping to lead the global economy through the global recession, most Asian countries are still yet to see a real recovery in their labor market.

In some developing countries, particularly in East Asia, job growth is back, but the quality of jobs being created is a major concern. In particular, 45 per cent of the vast productive potential of Asian women remains untapped, compared to just 19 per cent for Asian men.

Even before the crisis, Asia was estimated to be losing US$42-$47 billion a year because of limits on women’s access to employment opportunities and another US$16-$30 billion a year as a result of gender gaps in education.

The report offers evidence-based policy recommendations on strategies to advance gender equality by addressing persistent gender labor market gaps that hinder strong, balanced and sustainable development in the Asia region.

The full text is available online.