Apple Enjoys the Best Corporate Reputation in U.S.

(CC) hichako/FlcikrApple is the most reputable company in the U.S., according to the 2012 Harris Poll Annual RQ Public Summary Report. Last year’s leader, Google, was knocked off its perch to second place, and the Coca-Cola Company (3rd), (4th) and Kraft Foods (5th) round out the top 5.

The Reputation Quotient is a score based on six different categories comprised of 20 total attributes. The RQ categories are Social Responsibility, Emotional Appeal, Products & Services, Vision & Leadership, Financial Performance, and Workplace Environment.

Apple was ranked highest in four of the six categories, with Whole Foods Market taking the top score in Social Responsibility and ranking first in Emotional Appeal. The annual poll is based on a range of variables which Harris Interactive then compiles into a single score.

More than 30,000 Americans were asked to rate the reputation of some of the country’s most prominent companies.

The complete company ranking can be found here