CIO Mobility Survey 2012

Stock.xchngAccenture has conducted an online survey with several hundred CIOs and several thousand application developers in North America, Europe, Asia andSouth America to gauge the perceptions of mobility among IT professionals.

The results highlight the importance of mobility for CIOs, with 78 percent of CIOs placing mobility among their top five concerns.

Interestingly, far more CIOs in emerging markets focus on mobility compared to those in established markets, perhaps in part because of their ability to capitalize ongreenfieldopportunities.

Cost and security led the list of concerns. Among the CIOs surveyed, 50 percent cited security, 43 percent cited budgetary issues, and 26 percent identified interoperability with current systems and a lack of understanding about the benefits of mobility.

According to the report, CIOs should try to:

1. Understand where in their organization developers are creating mobility applications;

2. Discern how to quickly integrate them into a cohesive strategy; and then

3. Use that strategy as a foundation for competitive advantage.

The full report is available online.


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