Microsoft, Coke, Nestle Detail Climate Adaptation Plans

(CC) Scanr/FlickrMicrosoft, Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Nestle and Starbucks are among a slew of multinational companies listed in an online database just launched by the U.N. that details how the world’s major firms plan to address global warming.

This online database of case studies has been developed under the Private Sector Initiative (PSI) of the Nairobi work programme, and  features good practices and profitable climate change adaptation activities being undertaken by private companies (sometimes in partnership with NGOs or the public sector) from a wide range of regions and sectors.

There are currently around around 100 examples of strategies listed in the UNFCCC Private Sector Initiative database, which are both practical and in many cases scalable. Examples of best practice include Coca-Cola’s efforts to conserve water in Asia and Starbucks’ attempts to improve the yield of coffee beans in regions that are particularly vulnerable to climate change.

Access the online database here.

Download the report here.