New product: MarketLine Advantage

The IESE Library now has subscribed to MarketLine Advantage.

MarketLine Advantage is an interactive subscription platform offering a comprehensive and unique collection of company, industry, financial, and country information extending across every major marketplace worldwide. MarketLine Advantage gives you access to their new case studies, which offer concise evaluations of the latest innovative company strategies to help you quickly and easily understand what makes them successful. It includes macroeconomic data, strategic company information, highly advanced search functionality and navigational aids.

You have access to over 32,000 companies, 3,800 industry profiles and over 110 country profiles. You can also access all their case studies, over 260,000 financial deals reports along with over 330,000 news articles.

How to access to MarketLine Advantage?

Access campus-wide and off campus, from the E-Resources List page clicking on MarketLine.