Retail Banking in CEE: Exploiting the Potential of the Micro Business Segment

stock. XchngSince 2009, banks in Central and Eastern Europe have had to shift their focus from growth to the definition of a sustainable bank size and to the handling of non-performing loans (NPLs).

Stopping the growth of NPL volumes, their collection and workout was the most frequently discussed topic for some years, but in 2011 something changed: in a stabilized market, yet still under non-favorable market conditions, banks started to look for growth potentials.

Several institutions identified the micro business segment as an interesting potential target group and analyzed the opportunities and threats of smallest-size enterprises.

Efma and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants have conducted a new study on micro strategies in the CEE region. The objective was to compare regional players’ practices and to identify key success factors and improvement potentials.

The report at hand contains the study results and provides insights into how credit institutions in CEE handle the micro segment, covering the following topics:

  • Root causes of micro business attractiveness
  • Applied segmentation models and their consequences
  • Risk assessment techniques and change of importance
  • Sales, service and communication channels
  • Applied cross-segment offering techniques

The report is available to download from the Roland Berger website.