Trade and Development Report 1981-2011

Stock.xchngThe UNCTAD has just launched the “Trade and Development Report, 1981-2011: Three Decades of Thinking Development”.

UNCTAD´s flagship Trade and Development Report, which now has been issued annually for more than 30 years, foresaw the mounting influence of globalization on the economies of developing countries, warned of the dangers of unregulated financial flows and volatile exchange rates, and consistently argued – against the free-market orthodoxy of the 1980s and 1990s – that governments have important roles to play in helping national economies achieve steady, long-term progress.

The first part of the 30-year review publication shows that the originality of the TDR has been rooted in the discussion of national policies and strategies in relation to the performance of the global economy and its institutions. From the start, the TDR emphasized the importance of the external environment for development. In a way, it anticipated the notion of globalization.

The second part of the 30-year review publication released today consists of a compilation of the contributions of experts to a panel discussion titled “Thinking Development: Three Decades of the Trade and Development Report held in Geneva on 20 February as a pre-conference event for UNCTAD XIII.

The full text is available here.