“Transparency Generates Economic Value, concludes new research by Forética”

stock. Xchng     Forética launched the fifth edition of the RSEARCH, entitled “The Value of Transparency”. RSEARCH is a digital publication about current trends and news in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The latest edition contains a detailed article about the value of transparency in the risk management and business opportunities in companies, organisations and governments.

The study emphasises that transparency in organisations enables an open environment, builds confidence and also facilitates accountability to the organisation’s stakeholders. The new issue of the publication highlights the need for increased transparency in social, environmental and governance aspects. It also points out that economies with better transparency and quality of institutions will grow by an average of 12% more than the average of advanced economies.

The report discusses transparency from within three main topics: transparency and the common good, examples of transparency and the link between transparency and sustainability. At the level of government and public institutions, the study argues that there is a critical link between transparency and economic development, to the point that transparency levels affect the risk premium of a country.

As noted by the Study Director, Jaime Silos, “in the world in the process of quick transformation that is supported by significant imbalances, different agents need more information on the challenges of long-term sustainability, such as climate change, access to water and the availability of natural resources or the disparity of wealth in the economy. This is relevant to any institution, whether it is a state agency or a political party, but it seems especially critical for the private sector.“

The publication is available for download at Forética website.