Women Matter: An Asia Perspective

(CC) Víctor1558/FlickrMcKinsey has just published the report “Women Matter: An Asia Perspective,” subtitled “Harnessing Female Talent to Raise Corporate Performance.”

The publication contains the results of a survey covering 744 firms of 10 major stock markets in the Asia-Pacific. According to the study, women on average account for only six percent of board seats compared to 17 percent in Europe and 15 percent in the US.

Furthermore, women hold roughly eight percent of executive committee seats in the Asian firms surveyed, still lower than the average of 10 percent in Europe and 14 percent in the United States.

Australia, Hong Kong and China topped the list of female presence in the boardroom, with women filling 13, nine and eight percent, respectively, of the top jobs. South Korea, Japan and India languish at the bottom of the ranking.

The full text is available on the web.