All You Ever Needed to Know About New York

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New YorkIESE has access to Cities, a new Euromonitor database providing fully comparable data and in-depth analysis on 850 cities worldwide.

Cities provides localized city economic profiles and analysis on the consumers living in them, offering valuable insights for strategic planning. Analysis is based on urban economic theory and developed by Euromonitor’s extended global network of in-country analysts.

Passport content:

  • Historic data for 2005-2011 and forecasts until 2020
  • 120 Tier 1 cities with 270 socio-economic indicators
  • 730 Tier 2 cities with 170 socio-economic indicators
  • Global reports including global analysis of the latest trends in cities. Reports cover the economic make-up, demographic trends, level and distribution of household income, consumer spending preferences, cities infrastructure and affordability at the city level.
  • Opinion and articles on interesting socio-economic trends in global cities.
  • City reports: analyze key trends and developments in 120 of the world’s major cities in terms of economics, consumer lifestyles, housing and transport and city environment.
  • Visual apps that allow users to compare city vs. country and city vs. city.

How to Access Cities?

Access campus-wide and off campus, from the E-Resources List page by clicking on Passport. Select “Countries & Consumer” tab and click on “Cities”. Lastly, select “New York” on “Analysis Finder”, and click “Go”.