European Commission Helps SMEs to Enter Asian Market

(CC) AK Rockefeller/FlickrAs the ninth largest economy in the world, the countries of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) offer thriving markets. They present alluring trading prospects but at the same time daunting challenges for SMEs, especially when it comes to effectively protecting intellectual property rights (IPR).

In a bid to help EU SMEs and building on the success of the China IPR SME Helpdesk, the European Commission launched the ASEAN IPR SME Helpdesk in April 2013.

European SME Envoy, Daniel Calleja said: “Compared to multinational corporations, SMEs face unique challenges in entering international markets. The Helpdesk will provide tailored services which address their specific needs, empowering European businesses to prosperously expand to South East Asia”.

The Commission’s sponsored facility makes sure that SMEs ‘know before they go’ – that they invest and trade safely, and that they know their IPR rights and risks. This unique, free service will provide business-focused advice through its online portal, helpline services, training workshops and published materials.

See the ASEAN IPR SME Helpdesk here.


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