The Big Onion Guide to Brooklyn: Ten Historic Walking Tours by Seth I. Kamil and Eric Wakin

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The Big OnionOverview:

The Big Onion Guide to Brooklyn is an entertaining and informative walking guide to the historic people and places of Brooklyn. Ten fascinating, fact-filled walks are featured, inviting the reader to take an intimate tour through Brooklyn’s important historic sites, neighborhoods, cultural institutions, and shops.

From the iconic brownstones of Brooklyn Heights to the famous piers on Coney Island, this book covers all of Brooklyn’s notable terrain, plus many of the not-so-well known treasures of New York’s much beloved borough. Beautifully illustrated with over fifty photographs and complete with maps and easy-to-follow directions, all peppered with informative side-bars and fascinating tales of Brooklyn lore.

Over two-and-a-half million New Yorkers call historic and vibrant Brooklyn home and thousands more are drawn to this borough every day. Whether you’re new in town or a native New Yorker exploring Brooklyn for the day, this exceptional walking guide to the historic people and places of Brooklyn is essential reading.

The Big Onion Guide to Brooklyn offers you a chance to explore:

•Downtown Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights: Take a walk through the oldest urban section of Brooklyn with more than 600 Antebellum homes.

 •Coney Island: Frolic in Brooklyn’s playground, the great “Sodom by the Sea.”

•Prospect Park: Stroll over intricate bridges, past the boathouse, sculptures and monuments of Brooklyn’s emerald jewel.

•Williamsburg: Explore this ever-changing neighborhood that is Italian, Latino, Hassidic, and Hipster all at once.

•Park Slope: Discover one of the best loved residential neighborhoods in Brooklyn, the “nineteenth-century suburb on the subway.”

•Green-Wood Cemetery: Learn about famous Brooklynites buried within this historic garden cemetery.– Provided by publisher.

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